Shop Fox M1049 9-Inch By 19-Inch Bench Lathe Price

The shop fox m1049 9-inch by 19-inch bench lathe has good metal lathe features and at under $1240 price, it’s one of a great lathes deal today. It is six-speed lathe for a wide range of projects.

Grizzly G4000 Bench Lathe 9 X 19-Inch Overview

The grizzly g4000 bench lathe 9 x 19-inch is a good metal lathe for you who need head sliding rails feature fully adjustable gab plates and don’t want spending a fortune. At affordable price, this is one of a good lathes option on the market nowadays.

Jet 708376 Jwl-1220 12-Inch X 20-Inch Wood Lathe Basic Info

The jet 708376 jwl-1220 12-inch x 20-inch wood lathe is an excellent wood lathe for you who need cast iron bed adds greater stability and don’t want spending a fortune. At affordable price, this is one of an excellent lathes option on the market nowadays.

46000Lo 2 Inch Variable Versaturn Coupler Review

Some of the 46000lo 2 inch variable versaturn coupler aspects are 3/4hp electronic variable speed motor that packed with this wood lathe are very fascinating lathes points. It’s just affordable price.

Jet 708351G 14-Inch Mini-Lathe Price

This jet 708351g 14-inch mini-lathe is a great lathes and it’s just affordable price. Several of this wood lathe aspect are includes start pen kit a $129.99 value.

Proxxon 34004 Pd 230/E Lathe Noticeable

The proxxon 34004 pd 230/e lathe is one of a particular lathes at affordable price with a nice of metal lathe appearance. It is use on materials such as plastic, steel, brass, and aluminum.

Bolton Tools Gear Head Diameter Warranty Price

The bolton tools gear head diameter warranty looks like a particular metal lathe for us but other lathes review maybe says otherwise. With tailstock barrel taper mt#3longitudinal feed rates 0.1-1.50mm/r 0.004-0.059 in.per revolutioncross feed rates 0.022-0.3mm/r 0.0008-0.0118 in.per revolutiontail stock barrel travel 80mm 3-1/7″lathe chuck diameter 170mm 6-7/10 and at affordable price you’d expect it to be quite a deal.

South Bend Lathe Sb1001 8K Explained

What’s not to like about the south bend lathe sb1001 8k? Besides swing over bed: 8-inch, there’s more than that. This metal lathe was running at affordable price making it a good lathes deal for the wallet.

Bolton Tools Certificate Included Stand Separately Basic Info

The bolton tools certificate included stand separately is a nice model metal lathe for affordable price. It’s is a particular lathes choice for people who want v-way bed is hardened and precision ground,spindle is supported by precision tapered roller bearing.