ATA Career & Technology Studies Council Past Presidents

In 1997, the curricula for Business Education, Industrial Education and Home Economics were combined into the new Career & Technology Studies curriculum.

In November of 2015, the CTS Council adopted a new name, the Career & Technology Education Council. This change was made to include both CTF (Career & Technology Foundations, Grade 5 through 9) and CTS (Career & Technology Studies, Grade 10 through 12) programs.

1997-1998Suzan Szewaga*
1998-1999Jim Letts
1999-2000Rod Zaugg
2000-2001Irene Sifrer
2001-2002Paul McNair
2002-2003Kathleen D. Popp
2003-2004Wade Hansma
2004-2005Wade Hansma
2005-2006Darren Atwood
2006-2007Darren Atwood
2007-2008Darren Atwood
2008-2009Craig DeJong
2009-2010Craig DeJong
2010-2011Craig DeJong
2011-2012Robert Paolinelli & Craig DeJong
2012-2013Lloyd Bloomfield
2013-2014Lloyd Bloomfield
2014-2015Lloyd Bloomfield